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Modified car accessories
     Taizhou Huanbo Machinery Co., Ltd.is located in Yuhuan Island, which is a
gardening port city in the southeast coast of Zhejiang, on the north of Ningbo and south of
Wenzhou. The leading industries of Yuhuan is auto spare parts and valves. We specialized
in researching、developing and manufacturing of power modified products of automotive,
for example: Pressure relief device, release valve, bypass valve and so on. We
have advanced production equipment、superb technical team、strict quality management
system、 strict testing means and good service. The quality of the products is stable and
reliable. We always aim at the international and domestic advanced developments in car
modification parts, leading the researchers to develop new products. ...
Industry News

Huanbo Wastegate from the two ministries that September 1, 2014 since the implementation ofprivate car 6 years exemption policies, many modifications and automobile refitting factory boss does not sit. In June 7th -9 day, Wuxi auto show will be held at the Expo center. At the appointed time, thousands from all over the country's Automobile Refitting Factory representatives will gather in Wuxi, show their car.

In recent years, auto dealers generally complain about the new car sales profit pitifully low, even at a loss to sell. So, car repair, cosmetology and modification after the market become businessmen profit target.

So Huanbo Wastegate think that private cars 6 years if the exemption, will stimulate a number ofmodified "fancier" enthusiasm. "Before the modified scared inspection pass, now 6 years before the annual inspection, basic to the change of time, may be part of a caris not simply to check." Huanbo Wastegate investigation, auto part of the conversion for the personalized demand, to change the color, line, increase theconverted audio guide tail, body skirt surrounded; another kind is the equipment needs, like cross-country family usually mounted tow rope, water tank and other equipment; in addition, and the group has a special liking for sports car racing. In order to put the car into his right of way, the owners at the expense of large investment, even the upgrade fee owners spend far more than the price.

Huanbo Wastegate believes that the current market Chinese modification in the initial stage, the individual brand 4S shop owners are some simple modification. For example, seat,steering wheel and audio etc.. But for automobile wheel hub, power conversion due tosafety issues, so almost blocked. But along with private car 6 years free of annual inspection of the implementation of the new deal, the modified car market is expected to start simultaneously.

The final Huanbo Wastegate to remind the modification enthusiasts friends, car modification mustcomply with the relevant national laws and regulations. Although the annual inspectiontime prolonged, but the traffic police department will be in daily in the process of law enforcement, increase efforts to investigate and deal with illegal refitting the vehicle."Once a traffic accident occurs, if the vehicle through the illegal modification, it will increase the responsibility of the accident, at the same time, according to the relevant regulations will be punished."

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